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We begin with the end in mind. Let's talk about how we can help your team. 

Assessment. Tools. Empowerment.


At the heart of effective stress management is understanding how it uniquely affects you and your team. That's why we offer a comprehensive menu of assessments that measure key dimensions of well-being, stress management, adaptability, resilience, and emotional vitality. With these insights, we can recommend the best program to help you and your team thrive.

Our assessments don't stop there. We also provide quantifiable scores to measure your progress after completing one of our programs. By tracking growth and improvement, you'll have tangible evidence of the positive impact our programs can have on your well-being and stress management.

Invest in yourself and your team today by taking the first step towards a healthier, happier work environment. Begin with a complementary Stress and Wellbeing Assessment for a member of your team. 


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Stress is a formidable force that can take root in our lives from a young age or emerge later on the job. The impact is undeniable, and if not addressed, it can accumulate and spiral out of control.

Traumatic events and life experiences can create patterns that keep us trapped in a perpetual state of stress. That's why we equip our clients with the skills, tools, and habits needed to identify and break these patterns. We help them confidently prepare for stressful situations, shift gears when necessary, and reduce stress triggers.

Through our program, we build tiny habits that develop resilience, restore energy, and create a new stress baseline. Our goal is to help our clients reclaim their lives from the grips of stress and live with greater ease and well-being. Don't let stress control your life any longer – let us help you take back control.



Empowerment comes from awareness and understanding, giving us the choice to break free from stress habit loops. We believe in the power of neuroplasticity and emotional intelligence to create new self-regulation circuits.

Our transformative tools, programs, and systems provide clients with the skills they need to confidently navigate stress triggers, reset after stressful events, and sustain their energy stores. With our support, clients can develop new habits and ways of thinking that promote well-being and resilience.

Don't let stress control your life. Take charge and invest in your personal growth and development today with our powerful tools and programs.


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In just minutes a day, clients report: 

  • More Energy - Less Fatigue

    • Better sleep
    • Faster post incident recovery
    • More positive energy 
    • Greater sense of well-being
    • Less overwhelm, greater focus


  • Clearer Communications

    • Shorter meeting times
    • Enhanced collective intuition for increasing creativity and finding solutions to problems
    • Collaborating from a more inclusive perspective
    • Enhanced relationships with co-workers and loved ones
  • More Resilience

    • Increased sense of well -being and appreciation of collective action
    • Ability to manage rapid change
    • Less absences and illness
  • Minimal Time Investment

    • Assessments are used to pinpoint individual and team stress challenges
    • Training is delivered in 40–60 minute sessions, and layered in a way to build skills and habits
    • Just 4-6 sessions can create competency and improve well-being


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A Real Client Story

Meet Ann, a 911 dispatch operator who experienced multiple traumatic calls resulting in PTSD. She took several years to recover, and now uses multiple tools daily to manage stress and maintain mental wellness. Sound familiar? Read on, this story has a happy ending.

Recently, she returned to full-time employment. Ann’s Stress and Wellbeing Assessment reflects both competency in managing stress and a high level of wellbeing, yet a few weeks in, she felt anxiety and overwhelm due to a long commute and thoughts of winter approaching.

Rather than stop out of her new role, she was able to recognize the feelings and behavior that come with feeling stressed, and work through it using tools to shift and reset. 

Training time: approximately 10 hours over 12 sessions.