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Brian Stalsonburg EMT-B, I/C

Stressed-out, burned-out people are one minor or major incident away from getting sick or dealing with the fallout from a mistake or poor judgement. 

I have witnessed the toll occupational stress takes on the body, the mind, relationships and job performance.

Using Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) tools to manage stress and build resilience, changed my life and can change yours too. 

HRV tools can decrease the occupational risks of stress and burnout, and help you feel better fast. 


Spring Stress and Wellbeing Workshop - Sign Up Today!

Our workshops are designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to help you prepare for and recover from the pressure of a public safety job. Learn to manage stress, stay mentally strong, and build resilience.

Saturday, May 20th - Harbor Springs

Location: Angel Healing Arts, 3980 Harbor Petosky Rd. Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Time: 9AM - 4:30PM 

EMS continuing education credits approved - course number 23-ICE-06963.

Cost: $125/per person, includes lunch, snack and continuing education credits. 

Class size limited to 20 participants. 



Become an expert in managing stress and building resilience with our Spring Stress and Wellbeing Workshop for public services workers. You'll learn how to reset chronic stress patterns through easy-to-use tools that become part of your day. 

  • Understand where you are in the stress and burnout cycle.
    • Interpret your Stress and Wellbeing Assessment scores.
    • Identify opportunities for risk reduction.
    • Decrease stress and burnout.
    • Conserve emotional energy and vitality.
    • Improve decision-making capability during critical incidents.
    • Utilize heart-rate variability tools to solve problems and enhance critical thinking. 

Establish baseline competence in using heart-rate variability tools for conserving energy, preparing for and resetting after stressful events, processing emotions, decision making, and clear communications. You will experience a range of benefits such as:

  • Reduced stress, worry, and fatigue
  • Faster post-incident recovery,
  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information, and solve problems.
  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues.

The course also includes an online pre-workshop stress assessment and a post-course assessment four weeks after the workshop, so you can track your progress and improvement in Stress and Wellbeing Assessment scores. Don't wait, sign up today to become an expert in managing stress and building resilience!


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Instructor: Debra Timmerman, RN, DAIS, TCEPL, MMT, CSME, HMCT is a Registered Nurse, Certified Stress Mastery Educator and Certified HeartMath Trainer. Debra holds the designation of Diplomate from the American Institute of Stress and has more than 20- years' experience in teaching mind-body concepts.

Workshop dates or locations do not work?

We offer the workshop in a variety of ways to accommodate challenging schedules and maximize return, including full day, half day and weekly virtual formats. Reach out to brian@resilientcommunitycollective.org to schedule a convenient time and date for your group or organization.